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  • 28 Hrs. Instructor-Led Online Training
  • Training by Industry Experts
  • Flexible Training Hours/Schedule
  • Real Scenario Based Training
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 AutoCAD 2D & 3D Online Training

The AutoCAD online training by TechSkillTrainings provides you with the basic features and commands to create and design drawings using AutoCAD software. You will further learn to use commands, objects, surfaces, and solids, and work with dimensions, regions, and boundaries to create professionally executed designs. In this AutoCAD training course, complete details of the latest tools and techniques of the software is provided by our experienced professionals.

This AutoCAD online course is designed for Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, Draftsmen etc. who want to gain a better understanding about the tools and components of AutoCAD architecture.

 Course Overview

AutoCAD is a computer simulated program used by professionals to design 2D and 3D blueprints of buildings, bridges, computer chips and engineering plans. Users with experience of this software can design from small computer chips to draw up plans for residential and commercial buildings. Once you’ve learned to operate AUTOCAD, it would help the planners, specialists, and creators to work on drawings with a high level of accuracy and estimation.

CAD professionals create diagrams in the field of architecture, construction, and electronics and as well as mechanical domains.

2D Drafting

2D Drafting is set out for beginners to AUTOCAD and it allows you to create two Dimensional maps of buildings, bridges, roads and computer chips while maintaining a mild approach to drafting and serves in the long run to learn.

3D Drafting

3D mapping is for intermediate users of AUTOCAD. It is a more complex form of drafting maps on computers. While it is more difficult to master, our teaching at Duke Training Centre allows the user to form complex maps on a three Dimensional scale that gives you the edge to design the perfect map of your building or bridge.


 AutoCAD® 2D Course Content

  • • Introduction & understanding to AutoCAD®
  • • Drafting settings
  • • Draw tools
  • • Assigning units
  • • Modify tools
  • • Geometric relationships
  • • Object properties
  • • Layers
  • • Utility toolbar
  • • Annotations (Mtext, Dimensions, Leaders, Table)
  • • Hyperlink
  • • Blocks, Design centre
  • • Tool palettes
  • • External references
  • • OLE
  • • Raster images
  • • Creating group
  • • Layout management
  • • Plotting & printing
  • • Set paper space

 AutoCAD® 3D Course Content

  • • Understanding 3D environment
  • • 3D UCS concept
  • • Forms of 3D models (Solid, Surface, Thicken)
  • • Primitive & derived solid commands (Extrude, Sweep)
  • • 3D draw & modify tools
  • • Geometric relationships
  • • Revolve
  • • Loft
  • • Polysolid
  • • Press-pull
  • • Solid editing
  • • Advance 3D concepts
  • • Surface modeling
  • • Apply materials
  • • Rendering models
  • • Plotting & printing of 3D models

 Course Audience

  • • Students
  • • Designers
  • • Engineers
  • • Architects


Any individual who works in the design and engineering sector or a fresher in any of the AutoCAD software

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que. 1: What is AutoCAD®?

Ans. 1: AutoCAD is a software product developed and marketed by Autodesk, Inc., an American multinational organization. Used for commercial purpose, AutoCAD is computer-aided design (CAD) software used to create 2D and 3D product designs for varied industries. The software is Autodesk’s flagship product, and also one of the most widely-used CAD applications in the world. In addition to desktop application, AutoCAD is available as a mobile web- and cloud-based app (AutoCAD 360) since 2010.

Que. 2: How many versions have been released for AutoCAD?

Ans. 2: AutoCAD 2016 is the 30th version release for Windows, and AutoCAD 2014 was the 4th release for Mac devices.

Que. 3: What are the various certification levels of AutoCAD?

Ans. 3: To validate experience in AutoCAD, learners can aim for two levels: • AutoCAD Certified User • AutoCAD Certified Professional Certified User acts as a prerequisite for the next level, i.e. Certified Professional.

Que. 4: Who will provide the training?

Ans. 4: AutoCAD certified trainers will provide training and are highly experienced. The AutoCAD trainers are highly experienced in machine designing and possesses in-depth knowledge of AutoCAD.


"I am pretty satisfied with the overall training journey, it was a wonderful experience to taking live online training for DevOps. I would recommend to friends and colleagues to take training from TechSkillTrainigs to enhance their skills. Thanks to the trainer and training adviser."
- Daniel Caesar, Australia

"It was a great experience taking Tableau live online training course from TechSkillTrainings. The overall training and study materials were outstanding, the instructor was skilled, experienced in the field, and very supportive. The training schedule was a little problem for me but the institute offered me flexible training hours and that was very helful to me. Thanks to TechSkillTrainings for everything."
- Joanne Lawrence, United States

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