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  • 28 Hrs. Instructor-Led Online Training
  • Training by Industry Experts
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  • Real Scenario Based Training
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 Tableau Online Training

TechSkillTrainings course is being designed by BI (Business Intelligence) experts. In this online Tableau Training Course, you will learn how to transform raw data into interactive and shareable dashboards using Tableau, by our Industry experts. This Tableau course will prepare you for the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certification exam. This course is best suited for software developers, systems and IT administrators, and BI experts as it will make you learn about Tableau Desktop and public integration with R and Big Data.

 Tableau Certification Course Overview

Tableau is a powerful tool for analyzing data by sharing amazing insights. Tableau tool is being widely used as Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.Tableau Online is an easy-to-use, cloud based BI tool that can enable any organization to share visualizations created in Tableau Desktop with other people.

Tableau Server enables the same sharing capabilities through a similar interface, but it is installed on your own network servers and managed by you. All visualizations on Tableau Server and Tableau Online are fully interactive and can be embedded in any webpage. This online Tableau Training course is designed to help you prepare for the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Certification examination by providing hands-on training on various Tableau tools.

What will you learn?

  • • Concepts of statistics, data mapping and establishing data connections
  • • How to build visualizations, organize data, and design dashboards
  • • Working with Tableau dashboard
  • • Implementing data blending and aggregation
  • • Data visualization and real-time analytics
  • • Tableau generated fields and special fields
  • • Connecting Tableau with R
  • • Deploying R scripts on Tableau
  • • Data connections for organizing data
  • • Tableau graphs, reports, and calculations


 Tableau Course Content

1. Introduction to data visualization

2. Tableau Architecture

  • • Installation of Tableau desktop
  • • Tableau Architecture
  • • The process to export and share data in Tableau.

3. Tableau Data Management

  • • Creating and managing metadata
  • • Visual analytics, its scope, and usage.
  • • Aggregating and disaggregating data.
  • • The process of implementing data granularity using Mark card.
  • • Real-time use cases to highlight the essential data.
  • • Introduction to basic graphs and area graphs using dual-axis

4. Visual Analytics

  • • Filtering
  • • Sorting
  • • Grouping
  • • Graphical visualization

5. Organizing data and visual analytics

6. Dashboard and Stories

  • • Introduction to basic concepts of dashboards.
  • • Building dashboards by adding sheets and objects into it.
  • • Making customizations to dashboards to appear perfectly on phones or tablets
  • • Modifying view and layout
  • • Creation of interactive dashboards with the help of actions (Highlighting, filter, URL)
  • • Developing stories for your visualization and dashboards

7. Working with Mapping

  • • Introduction to Maps
  • • Editing locations that are unorganized
  • • Polygon maps
  • • Custom geocoding
  • • Background images
  • • Web mapping services

8. Calculation

  • • Introduction to Tableau calculations
  • • LOD expressions
  • • Nested LOD expressions
  • • Aggregation and replication with LOD expressions
  • • Level of details
  • • Lower, fixed, and a higher level of details
  • • Quick table calculations
  • • Predefined calculations
  • • Validation of calculations

9. Tableau Prep

10. Charts

  • • Gantt Charts
  • • Pareto Charts
  • • Funnel Charts
  • • Waterfall Charts
  • • Control Charts
  • • Box and Whisker's Plots

11. Integration of Tableau with R and Hadoop

  • • Introduction to Hadoop
  • • Introduction to Big data
  • • Introduction to R
  • • Applications and use cases of R
  • • Learning R functions in Tableau
  • • Integration with Hadoop

12. Practice Test & Interview Questions

 Target Audience

  • Analytics professionals
  • IT developers and testers
  • Data analysts,
  • Data scientists
  • BI and reporting professionals
  • Project managers


No pre-requisites for taking this Tableau online training course

Prior knowledge of R language and basic concepts related to Data analytics and SQL will be helpful.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que. 1: How does a beginner learn Tableau?

Ans. 1: This course is specifically designed in such a manner that it aims at Tableau for Begginers, which will teach you how to build visualizations, design dashboards, and organize data in order to make smarter business decisions.

Que. 2: What are the benefits of learning Tableau?

Ans. 2: Tableau is one of the most advanced business intelligence and analytical tools around. Tableau helps in this effort by offering simple visualization data representation, creating meaningful insights instantly and concisely.

Que. 3: Is the course material provided during the training?

Ans. 3: Yes, reference study material would be a part of Tableau Online training course

Que. 4: What is the qualification of the trainer?

Ans. 4: The trainer is a certified consultant and has rich experience with the Tableau tool.


"The overall online training experience was very fruitful to me. I would say Azure Admin training helped me to gain Azure administrative skills. I also want to thank the training co-ordinator staaf that ensured seamless training all the way. The training will be very helpful to professionals who want to enhance their career in Azure cloud technology."
- Jonathan Tracy, Philippines

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and working professional and that helped me to gain the real-world experience and skills. The staffs of TechSkillTrainings ware very supportive and responsive. Scince I am a working professional; the training schedule was felxibale according to my timezone and woeking hours. I woud say, guys keep up doing good work."
- George Michael, Bangladesh

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